Elephant on a Tightrope was developed by two people who have a passion for French wines, experience in product branding, and who recognize the need for a practical approach to branding French wines.

With family ties in France’s Champagne region and in the French wine trade, Philippe Maffini has a fine-tuned appreciation of French wine. After 15 years in brand design, which led him from Paris, to London and New York, he returned to his native France to set up a design-marketing firm, and continues to develop high-end brands for export markets. Cindy Bearce has always appreciated French wine and the fine art of making wine. After 20 years in design management and marketing in NYC and Paris, she has made her home in the South of France with Philippe and their two children.

"From our home in the South of France, we are only a few hours away from some of the best wines the different regions of France have to offer. Throughout France there are family-run estates that remain focused on producing wines according to tradition and with minimum intervention, wines that remain true to their terroir.

As wine has traditionally been part of a daily meal here, we are able to find very good, affordable wines locally. Elsewhere, French wines are usually high-priced and enjoyed only for holidays or special occasions. Drawing from our combined experience in product marketing and design, we became passionate about developing a "branded" French wine. Our desire was to create a consumer-friendly French wine brand that would strike a balance between wine style, price and packaging without compromising standards, which we like to refer to as "French wines for today".

All of our wines have been personally selected from family-run estates throughout France, with whom we work in partnership to market their wines internationally under our label, Elephant on a Tightrope. The wines from these estates are produced in limited quantities, and are an exceptional value. Through our continued relationship with these estates, we are assured of wines of consistent quality from year to year."

Philippe Maffini, Cindy Bearce

Product Photography © Matthiew Smith