Bordeaux is the largest and most legendary fine wine-making region in the world, with 284,320 acres of A.O.C. vine. It is an ideal climate for producing fine wines, moderated by the Gulf Stream, and tempered by the Atlantic Ocean. The forest of the Landes provides a natural wind barrier that protects the vineyards. The diversity of microclimates and soils (clay, gravel, chalk, limestone) are ideally suited to Bordeaux's different grape varieties.

Allured by the charm of the hillsides overlooking the Garonne, and by the quality of the wines, many of the nobility of Bordeaux had vineyards in the region. Each village had a port on the river and the wines were transported by Gabarre (a traditional boat of the region). Recently, the winemakers of this area have integrated new technologies and traditional techniques, to produce quality wines of an artisanal nature.

Our Premières Côtes de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Blanc, Bordeaux Rosé, and Loupiac are from the Château de Cranne, a domain in the heart of Bordeaux, in the "Premiére Côtes", run by the same family since the 18th century. From generation-to-generation the Château de Cranne has evolved to meet today's demands, restructuring their operation to integrate new equipment and techniques, and continues to evolve with the today's generation.