Our desire was to unite a variety of French estate-bottled wines under a single brand name. In doing so, we wanted to assure that our band would stand out from the compeition, so we set out to create a memorable brand identity that would be representative of our wines, and appeal to today's wine consumer.

After some research, we discovered that the elephant is renowned for extraordinary balance and keen sense of smell. Both are essential to wine. A primary goal of every winemaker is the important ratio between the different components of a wine that make it pleasant: The Balance.

Acidity must balance with sweetness Oak and tannin should balance with fruit Alcohol should balance with body and flavor. If all of the wine's desirable components are present in proper proportion, it becomes perfectly balanced, much like our elephant on a tightrope.

To further emphasize the importance of balance in wine, our elephant rests comfortably on a tightrope. He has no trouble maintaining his balance. And, of course, since our elephant represents French wines, he wears a beret. Our Elephant on a Tightrope has extraordinary balance, a keen sense of smell and appreciates fine French wines!

ELEPHANT ON A TIGHTROPE: French wines for Today


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