Where can I find Elephant on a Tightrope retailers?

Please see our Distributors page on this site.

Are other wines available under the Elephant on a Tightrope brand?

EOAT also offers a Syrah (Shiraz), Merlot, and a Cabernet Merlot blend.

What is the story behind Elephant on a Tightrope?

Please visit our Why the elephant? page on this site for the story behind the elephant.

What is the retail price of Elephant on a Tightrope?

EOAT everyday wines retail at around $10.00 a bottle, while the EOAT Prestige line retails at $15.00 a bottle and up.

Can Elephant on a Tightrope be purchased on-line?

Please visit our Distributors page on this site for links to on-line retailers.

Who receives the proceeds from EOAT Gear purchased on-line?

We support the African Wildlife Foundation. All proceeds from sales of EOAT Gear is donated to AWF, a leading conservation organization focused on protecting Africa’s wildlife and wild landscapes. For information about their mission, please visit their site awf.org